The Cost of Poverty Experience

Did you know that 46 million Americans are affected by poverty? In Knox County alone 1 out of every 6 people live in poverty. COPE is hoping to change that.

What is COPE?

The Cost of Poverty Experience, or COPE, created by Think Tank, Inc., is an event that allows those who are not living in poverty to gain a better understanding of what that is like.

This week, our office hosted a COPE event. With over 100 in attendance, they broke down what it is like to live in poverty in our area. COPE represents real families from the area that have donated their stories. The attendees are given a certain amount of money and responsibilities and must figure out how they would survive. They also have to take into account different life events that pop up on their journey.

These families decided to let COPE use their stories so that those who are not living in these situations are able to have more insight into what it is actually like to live in poverty.

The COPE event also intertwines the community and policies that either help or hurt families struggling in poverty. COPE works hard to ensure that the participants in their event get a real-world view of the struggles that the impoverished families face.


To learn more about the COPE program, or to host a COPE event, visit their website here.

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